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Today was an exiting day for me i did my first and only makeup demonstration before the big day tomorrow.  Tomorrow is the day I have been waiting for since graduating  MUA  (Makeup artist) school, i will be working at Del Sol salon & Spa located in beautiful Arcadia. My model for today was ...

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Hi I’m Cecilia Conde, a Freelance Makeup Artist. My blog is a space in where I can share the Love and Obsession of Beauty and Make Up. My obsession began in the early 20's (yes I’m a late bloomer) I would practice at home doing my makeup then I decided to become a Pro and go to April Love Academy where I learned the fundamentals of makeup and furthered refined my style. Throughout this year I’ve participated in many Charity Events, photo shoots, fashion shows.. I think it’s never too late to appreciate the beauty of makeup and its impact on a women’s self-esteem. I created this blog so I can share my tips and tricks, make up looks and reviews of the products that I use. I have a Zero tolerance for negativity in my blog so let us be respectful and kind to one’s opinion. So let the Fun began and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask :)